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Welcome to Colombia, the birdiest country on Earth! This tour offers exceptional photographic opportunities in our mega-diverse country. Designed for bird and wildlife photographers with SLR or mirrorless cameras and telephoto lenses (300/400/500/600), it's ideal for those experienced in bird photography. Our goal isn't to create a long checklist, but to capture stunning photos. While no bird sightings are guaranteed, we'll do our utmost to ensure you get amazing shots.

Day 1 CALI: Airport pick up and transfer to Hotel in Cali

Upon arrival at Cali's Alfonso Bonilla Aragón Airport, we will transfer you to the Hampton by Hilton Hotel. Cali, the vibrant capital of Valle del Cauca, is Colombia's third most populous city. Relax and prepare for the adventure ahead at this welcoming hotel.

Day 2 Finca La Florida (18 km)

Our adventure continues to Km 18’s cloud forest in the western Andes, a 50-minute drive from Cali. We’ll visit Finca la Florida, There we will have the opportunity to photograph birds like the beautiful endemic Multicolored Tanager, endemic Colombian Chachalaca, endemic Chestnut Woodquail. 

Day 3 Upper Anchicayá / El Descanso

We will head to the upper part of the Old Buenaventura road, near the cloud forest at 1600 m.a.s.l. El Descanso, features hummingbird and fruit feeders. You'll capture iconic birds such as the Andean Cock-of-the-Rock and Toucan Barbet.

Day 4 San Felipe Birding and Finca Bosque de Niebla 

Starting with San Felipe birding hides at Km 18, we then move to Bosque de Niebla, another fantastic place with feeders. Capture photos of species like Green Jay, Saffron crowned Tanager, Blue-napped Chlorophonia, Booted Raquettail, Metallic green tanager, Crimson-rumped Toucanet.


Day 5 Sonso Lagoon / Parque de la Uva / Tansfer Manizales

Early birding at Sonso Lagoon, a wetland near Buga with a tropical dry forest. There we may photograph many species, such as endemic Apical Flycatcher, Amazon Kingfisher,  Cocoi Heron, Fulvous whistling Duck, Glossy Ibis, Buff necked Ibis, Snail Kite, Spectacled parrotlet, Wattled Jacana , Vermilion Flycatcher, Streaked Flycatcher. After lunch, we visit an Aloe plantation at Parque de la Uva, photographing the amazing Ruby-Topaz Hummingbird, Rufous Tailed Hummingbird. Transfer to Mistrató in the afternoon.


Day 6 Sutú Reserve

At Sutú Reserve, we’ll explore feeders in this biodiverse cloud forest. Capture stunning photos of birds like the endemic Black-and-Gold Tanager and near endemic Velvet-purple Coronet. Seek out the elusive Orange-breasted Fruiteater and Club-winged Manakin in the wild. These cloud forests provide a unique habitat for many bird species, including some endemics and those that are specially adapted to these moist, cool environments.


Day 7 Birdshome / transfer to Manizales

We visit BirdsHome, with its amazing balcony for photographing hummingbirds and tanagers.  BirdsHome has a wide variety of bird species, including some endemics and rarities, such as endemic Black and Gold Tanager, Flame-faced Tanager, Silver-throated Tanager, Flame-rumped Tanager, Hepatic Tanager, near endemic Brown Inca, Green-crowned Brilliant, Tawny-bellied Hermit. After lunch, transfer to Manizales, staying at the nice and comfortable Hotel Recinto del Pensamiento.

Day 8 Río Blanco

Explore the Río Blanco Nature Reserve, a key birding site in Colombia, located in the Central Colombian Andes. This place offers amazing photographic opportunities. The feeders at this guest house, as well as flowering plants around the building, attract an interesting variety of hummingbirds  and Tanagers such as Tourmaline Sunangel, Buff tailed Coronet, Speckled Hummingbird, Bronzy and Collared Incas, and White bellied Woodstar.


Day 9 Glamping Color de mis Reves

Visit a high Andean ecosystem near Nevados National Park, with fantastic hummingbirds and tanagers. There, we will have chances to photograph species like Black billed Mountain Toucan, Andean Pygmy Owl, Tourmaline sunangel, Collared Inca, Mountain Velvetbreast, Andean Esmerald, Ocellated Tapaculo,  White-capped Tanager, Grass-green Tanager, Chestnut-napped Antpitta, Black-collared Jay.


Day 10 Hacienda el Bosque

-Early visit to Hacienda el Bosque, near Los Nevados National Park. Target birds include birds like Gray breasted Mountain Toucan, Crescent faced Antpitta,  Barred Fruiteater, Lesser Violetear, Tourmaline Sunangel, Purple-backed Hummingbird, Shining Sunbeam, Collared Inca, Sword-billed Hummingbird, White-bellied woodstar.

Day  11 Nevados National Park

Capture photos of high Andean and paramo bird species at Nevados National Park (3.500 -4.000 m.a.s.l). The unique scenery and vegetation, with the emblematic frailejon/ Espeletia plants, offer exceptional photo opportunities. Expect to take pictures of  bird species such as endemic Buffy Helmetcrest, Stout billed Cinclodes, Brown backed Chat Tyrant , Golden crowned Tanager, Plumbeous Sierra Finch, Paramo and Plain colored seedeaters, Andean Tit Spinetail, Many-striped Canastero.


Day  12 Termales del Ruiz 

Enjoy the feeders at Hotel Termales del Ruiz. Photograph species such as Tawny Antpitta, as Rainbow bearded Thornbill, Viridian Metaltail, Golden crowned Tanager, Scarlet bellied Mountain tanager, Purple backed Thornbill, Black-thighed Puffleg,Great Sapphirewing, the spectacular Sword billed Hummingbird, Great Sapphirewing , Sparkling Violetear, Post-lunch, travel to Buga.


Day  13 Ecohotel El Diamante / Departure  

Final morning of photography at Ecohotel El Diamante (If your departure Schedule allow us). Capture images of birds such as the beautiful Crested Bobwhite, White-vented Plumeleteer, Stripe-throated Hermit, Rufous-bellied Hermit, Thick-billed euphonia, Bay-headed Tanager, Blue-necked Tanager, among others. After lunch and depending on the flight departure time we will take you to the Cali International Airport (Alfonso Bonilla Aragón) where the Tour will end.

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